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January 9th, 2024




Dear Vendors,

Welcome to our 9th Annual Georgina Farmers’ Market. We are anxiously anticipating the reopening of the market this spring 2024. This year’s market will run from May 19 to October 6, 2024.


If you are interested in being a part of this remarkable weekly event, please complete the attached application form, along with rules and regulations. 

Vendor applications must be received on or before March 1, 2024.

- Email:


- Mail: Georgina Farmers’ Market   P.O.Box 1460, Sutton W. ON  L0E 1R0


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our market manager Donna at 905-252-9915 or email us at I’m looking forward to connecting with you and making the 2024 Georgina Farmers’ Market a huge success again this year!





Natalia Zammitti

President – Georgina Farmers Market

Rules and Regulations




Held outdoors @ The LINK, 20849 Dalton Road, Sutton West


Every Sunday from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. 

Starting May 19, through to October 6, 2024



Membership (Eligibility)

  • All new members will be subjected to a three (3) week trial period

  • All Vendors selling at the Market shall harvest their produce within 200 km of Georgina

  • Art and Craft items shall be 100% original and hand-produced. Because this is a Farmers' Market, space for craft vendors will be limited to a ratio of 4 to 1, at the discretion of the Board

  • All Art & Craft Vendors shall submit samples (pictures) of their work for approval prior to acceptance as a Vendor

  • Vendor approval will be decided based on the number of Vendors permitted to sell new and/or similar products each year, and the decision shall be based on current supply and demand

Stall Fees: 

1 stall  (10’ x 10’) = $25.00/Sunday (Monthly) or $472.50/seasonal

2 stalls (20’ x 10’) = $35.00/Sunday (Monthly) or $682.50/seasonal

3 stalls (30’ x 10’) = $45.00/Sunday (Monthly) or $892.50/seasonal

4 stalls (40’ x 10’) = $55.00/Sunday (Monthly) or $1,102.50/seasonal


  • Monthly fees include four/five consecutive Market days (Please note that June and September have 5 Sundays). If a Market day is missed a refund will not be issued

  • Monthly Payment Vendors (Full-time only) must submit post dated cheques (dated the first Sunday of each month) along with the application, or within 10 days of approval. ***All cheques are payable to the "Georgina Farmers' Market.***

  • Seasonal Payment Vendors (Full-time only) must submit payment along with the application, or within 10 days of approval

  • Part-time Vendors are required to pay in full for only the days booked, at time of application acceptance

  • Vendors must submit the application by March 1, 2024

  • Subletting of stalls is NOT permitted, except for a member of the family or employee, and in that case, with the approval of the Market Manager

  • Fees will be reviewed annually and may be subject to change. Georgina Farmers’ Market Board shall annually set Vendor fees to cover common Market operating expenses

Allocation of Space


  • Stall sizes are: 10'x10', 20’x10’, 30’x10’, 40’x10’

  • Each Vendor complying with the rules of this agreement may renew their stall(s) for the following season if done by April 1st of the Market year

  • The market manager has the RIGHT to move vendors to any market location

  • Stalls that become available will be allocated or moved at the discretion of the Market Manager

  • A monthly or seasonal Vendor is responsible for letting the Market Manager know in advance early in the week if he/she is not able to attend a specific Sunday. This allows us to reallocate space

  • Not-for-profit groups may be permitted space at the Market by Board approval. Two not-for-profit groups per Sunday and only one selling tickets per Sunday on a first come first serve basis


  • Vendors must arrive at the market no later than 8:00 a.m. on each market day. If a Vendor does not show up for 2 consecutive market dates, such permit holders shall forfeit their designated spot and any fee for the unexpired portion of the term shall be forfeited.

  • All Vendors must be SET-UP by 8:30 a.m. Vendors must stay within the boundaries of their booth.

  • No vendor shall pack up and leave the Market prior to 2:00 p.m., unless previously arranged with the Market Manager.

  • Tents and weights must be secured and in place (every Sunday) before the designated opening of the Market to ensure the safety of the customers. All tents and frames must be dismantled and taken home at the end of each market day.

  • The Market Manager or designate shall have the right to approve any signs, decorations or displays in the Vendor's space and to request changes or removals if necessary.  

  • Vendors will be required to locate vehicles not needed in their display to an area designated by the Market Manager.

  • No Vendor shall make any changes or alteration to Town property.

  • Vendors shall remain in their own market space when selling. Sales shall be conducted in an orderly manner. A stall must be attended at all times by a responsible person. No objectionable means of soliciting shall be permitted.

  • The Georgina Farmers' Market cannot be held responsible for items destroyed by fire, vandalism, theft, or any other cause.

  • Any audio-visual equipment which produces sound will be permitted only with the approval of the Market Manager.

  • Each Vendor shall be permitted to have one 8 1/2" x 11"sign, neatly displayed at their stall, to promote an additional business that they operate themselves with the approval of the Market Manager.

  • Vendors shall not block walkways, fire exits or other Vendor stalls.

  • All Vendors shall post their name and address in a prominent spot. All licenses, i.e. Health Unit, etc., should be visible to the public.


Range and Origin of Products


The Vendor shall sell from his/her stall(s) only those items which are approved by the Georgina Farmers’ Market Board. Only Ontario grown produce or meat may be sold. Any product not produced directly by the vendor must be clearly indicated by signage as to where it was produced, by the farm or origin name. Any changes or additions of products must receive the prior written approval of the Board/Market Manager. Items not approved may not be sold at the Market and will have to be removed immediately from a vendor's booth. Products coming directly or indirectly from the Food Terminal will not be approved.


Acceptable Items:

Garden produce (vegetables and fruit)

Bedding plants


Cut and dried flowers

Shrubs and trees Grains

Poultry and Eggs

Apple cider/Wine

Crafts House plants - potted plants

Maple syrup

Baked goods


Meat and Fish

Animal feed


Herbs and spices 



All craft products must be new and not factory made or commercially produced.

Flea market or manufactured items are not allowed.

All fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers and meats must be produced, grown and processed in Ontario within 200km of Georgina.



Vendor Responsibilities:


Regulations are, for the most part, "common sense", and the general rule of thumb is:

Don't sell what you wouldn't want to buy


Vendors agree to accept full responsibility for any loss, damage or accident occurring at the Market as a result of negligence or willful default on the part of the Vendor. The Georgina Farmers’ Market shall carry Public Liability Insurance on the Market area to protect the Market and participants, and to protect the Georgina Farmers’ Market Board for their actions on behalf of the Georgina Farmers’ Market. 


Prepared Food Vendors are required to contact their Insurance Agent and carry a minimum of $2 million liability insurance coverage and must state the ‘Town of Georgina’ as additional insured and provide proof

- All Vendors are responsible for compliance with health regulations

- All Vendors shall label their produce clearly by type and price

- All Vendors agree not to practice distress pricing


Vendors are responsible for keeping their stall area neat and clean at all times. At the end of the Market day, the Vendor is required to remove everything from his/her space and sweep the selling area. If a space is not clean, the Market Manager will arrange clean up of the area, and bill the Vendor accordingly, along with a service charge of $50.


Approximate sales figures must be reported to the Market Manager upon request. All information is for statistical purposes only, and can be handed in anonymously, and will remain confidential.


Each Vendor is responsible for:

a) Bringing his/her own tent, table, weights, and display tools 

b) Bringing his/her own containers (baskets, bags, boxes, etc.)

d) Bringing his/her own cash box and change

e) Cleaning up around his/her own area at the end of the day


Regulatory Agencies

  • Vendors are responsible for obtaining all permits required in the production and sale of their goods.

  • Compliance with both Provincial and Federal Sales Tax Regulations is the responsibility of the individual Vendor.

  • No person shall sell or offer for sale, food that does not conform to the Public Health Act, and all regulations made thereunder. The market will conduct inspections at random or as required. The market manager has the right to request food items removed if in violation of standards provided by York Region Community and Health Services.

  • No Vendor shall sell produce labeled “Organic” unless the produce is grown on a certified organic farm.

  • Any person who contravenes any of the provisions of these Rules and Regulations is subject to the cancellation of their permit.

Georgina Farmers’ Market Code of Ethics


To ensure transparency and growth in our industry on a basis of mutual respect, fairness and integrity, and ever mindful of the public welfare, I as a member of the Georgina Farmers’ Market have adopted and do hereby subscribe to the Code of Ethics:


  • Be a producer of locally grown/raised/made products

  • Offer for sale only merchandise in best quality available

  • Present well-kept displays, clearly priced and described, with origin of product visibly marked

  • Sell an honest pack, well filled, and meeting stated grade

  • Use no false or deceptive statements

  • Adhere to the highest standards of honest advertising

  • Build business volume on customer confidence

  • Employ only professional, courteous and trained salespeople

  • Maintain a clean, attractive stall

  • Observe all policies and procedures of the Georgina Farmers’ Market

  • Be an active member of the Georgina Farmers’ Market through marketing of yourself or event

  • No bad/ill talking or gossiping of other vendors, Market Manager, volunteers, or Board members


I acknowledge that I have read the Code of Ethics and agree to abide by it to the best of my ability. I understand that violation of the Code of Ethics may result in my membership being revoked should the Board of Directors feel it necessary to do so.



All Food and Farm Vendors must fill out and return along with this application the York Region Community and Health Services Farmer Market Event Form (see included).


All Food Vendors: Any Vendors who offer food sampling must have access to a hand wash station and thermometers for both cooked food, and for refrigeration. The market is not responsible for supplying these stations.


All items or ingredients prepared outside of the market considered “Potentially Hazardous Foods” by York Region Health must be prepared in an inspected kitchen.


All Vendors must provide full payment OR monthly post-dated cheques (dated the 1st Sunday of each month) submitted with their signed application or WITHIN 10 DAYS AFTER APPROVAL of their application; or their spot will be given to the next vendor waiting in line.

List specific (preserves, crafts, baked goods, etc.) items to be sold, include separate sheets if necessary. For items not produced by Vendors, please include source of origin. These items not produced by Vendors should not exceed 30% of saleable product for the season.


Produce Vendors (farmers) please skip to: “PRODUCE VENDORS’ PRODUCT CHECKLIST” 👇   

(last page of application). A Vendor is responsible for providing verification that all saleable products are made, produced or grown by the Vendor. Up to 30% of the produce may be resale of other local growers’ produce, subject to the approval of the Market Manager. Items not produced by the vendor, must be documented and verifiable by the Farmers’ Market Manager. This ratio may vary week to week and be averaged over the season. No produce will come directly or indirectly from the Ontario Food Terminal. This will be strictly enforced.


 All other Vendors please complete the following below. 👇  If not a produce vendor, skip to the signature to complete your application.      

Vegetables Self-grown
Vegetables PURCHASED
Fruits Self-grown

Having paid the appropriate stall fee, and having read and understood the rules and regulations thoroughly. I hereby agree to comply fully with these, and all other Federal, Provincial and Municipal rules, regulations and guidelines that apply. I may forfeit my right to sell at the Georgina Farmers' Market if I am found to be in non-compliance.

***All cheques are payable to the "Georgina Farmers' Market.***

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